Financial Assistance

Application for Financial Assistance under National Bamboo Mission

Click here to download - Annexure A (DPR Format)

Part-I General Details

Name of Applicant


Type of Constitution

Name of Constitution

Permanent Address

Type of enterprise for which financial assistance is applied for
(indicate as per the advertisement)

Choose Item of Works

Detailed bankable project report with project cost, income and profit to be submitted

Total project cost and source of finance

Term loan sanctioned by Bank/Financial Institute, if any (Supporting documents are to be submitted)

Bank Account details of the Unit/Promoter

Part II: Technical Details

Land Details of the project unit

Patta/Khasara Number

Patta/Khasara Proof

Revenue Village Ward No

Block and Tehsil


Ownership of Land

Ownership Type

Supporting Document

Past Experience of bamboo based similar activities

Training Undergone, if any

Any other relevant information


Document Upload Section

Certified copy of Records of Rights of the Project land. In case of leasehold land, a certified copy of lease deed to be submitted.

Detailed project report (DPR) as per Annexure-A (Download Annexure A)

Term loan sanctioned letter by lending bank/financial institution

Copy of Bank Appraisal Report, if Term Loan is sanctioned (if available)

Supporting Documents on past experience

Supporting Documents on Training undergone, if any

Address proof of the applicant (s)

Valid registration certificate of company/firm and evidence of last three years ITR file (FY 2018-19, 2019-20 and 2020-21), if applying in the name of company/firm.

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